It all started when I lost my job 5 months ago. I was wondering how much is job seekers allowance and started job serach. Firstly I was going to all companies around home and give them my CV. Then I was waiting week for calls. There was some, but all only that I can’t be approved.
So I started to search online.
In 2nd week I found one article about making money online. Here is link.

I never thought that it is possible to make money online for living. I thought that you can earn some money ( 100 – 200 dollars in month) and working hard hours in day, looking in computer screen for hours.

But I was wrong. I found very much easy to understand ways to make money online.

Firstly I started with Millionaire Society , Facebook link Here.
I was so excited  about that all. I learned so much in this page and if I not started with this page I would not be here.

So then I found this page – DotComSecrets X.
I firstly thought that there is nothing ( like they say in video), but in third week I was just surprised how they are learning things to people. Like samurais when you need to do something stupid (in first thought), but then you realize that THIS is THE THING.

In the middle of trying to understand DotComSecrets I found Magic Submitter.
This was fun – like a game. And I love games. Click after click in Magic Submitter and my traffic generation was not so bad as before.

And in the end I found this. This is like a little bit all of these all. I am not saying that if I was chosen this first I will be understanding all previous. No – I am not saying that, because when you learn, you need to start slowly. You can’t jump in Jet plane without learning and just fly ( I can’t maybe you can  😀  ) You need to start slowly and here it is – my last research Google Sniper 2.0.

And 3 months ago was the day what changed my life – I get first money on my account from working online. In check format. Here is picture:

You say “Only 138 dollars?”  I say ” Very good start”. And from that point my motivation do better and harder grown like …… something that grows fast  😀

So it’s your choice how to start.
But I can guaranty – if you work for first month some 1-2 hours day, you will be very thankful that I wrote here how I started.


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